Social Development Sector reviews plans of Ministries of Culture and Information and Education

Khartoum – The Social Development Sector of the Council of Ministers, in its meeting today headed by the Acting Minister of Education Mahmoud Siral-Khatim Al-Houri, reviewed the plans of the Ministries of Culture and Information and Education for the year 2023.

The plan of the Ministry of Culture and Information focused on the axes of cultural and intellectual diversity of Sudanese society, and fulfillment of requirements of the sustainable development goals for the year 2030.

The plan aims to take care of culture, media and tourism in planning and promotion of performance in order to achieve the cultural satisfaction of the community, take care of the national cultural heritage and instill the values ​​of citizenship, and establish a free and responsible media that contributes to the formation and shaping of the national conscience, preserving public rights and duties, and highlighting the various programs and activities of the state.

The plan also aimed to increase the rate of digital broadcast coverage to include all parts of the country.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education’s plan aims to guarantee the right to education for all children, provide quality education, and improve the conditions of education workers.

The plan also focused on the need to develop clear policies that achieve the sustainability of the educational process through development of curricula.

The sector praised the role being played by the media in this period that the country is going through, which aims to enhance the chances of comprehensive national accord in order to achieve security, stability and development, stressing the need to pay attention to establishing the infrastructure for cultural and media work in the country.

The sector also stressed the importance of continuing periodic reform of the educational process in the country and improving aspects of quality education, especially in the field of acquiring basic life skills.

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