Happy New Year..

Feel It

Happy New Year, we receive it with optimism, and we hope that it will be the most beautiful year and that it will be a year of harvesting all the best, and protect all loved ones and friends, and protect Sudan so that security, peace, stability and tranquility prevail. Keep away from them all evil and close to them all good.

We ask Allah … make it a year of cohesion in love for Sudan and its people, its children and youth, its men and women, and make it a year of growth for our country and the ease of its affairs and honor its people and bless their deeds and their sincerity and deliver us from the temptations of evil people what is hidden and what is apparent, and that you bring us all peace and security.

We ask Allah ..be supportive and help the orphans and the poor, and save us and protect our country from all evil ,make our dialogue national, calm, sane, and constructive, with the final result being a common word and a correct vision that draws our steps steadily towards the future.

We ask Allah , pay our sins in favor of the poor before the rich, and the sick before the healthy ,fix the conditions of our youth, bless them, ease their affairs, guide their stubbornness, and fulfill their dreams.Make it the year of completion of all the laws by which our constitutional and social life is completed, such as the personal status law, so that it is in the interest of the Sudanese family, that it builds and does not destroy.

Bless our daughters and sons, fulfill their hopes, and facilitate their paths so that they may truly be the bearers of the torches of light, builders of the future, and protectors of the homeland, and make them constructive and positive and protect their homeland.

We ask Allah… make the coming year a year of goodness, peace, and security for Sudan , the Arab world, and the whole world, and make them resort to the voice of peace and the call of peace, and renounce the arrogance of power and the selfishness of interests, and make this year the end of the war between Russia and the West on the land of Ukraine and its people.

We ask You for an end to the suffering of every oppressed, expelled, and immigrant, and make the voice of reason and the interest of the nation and its unity supreme in wounded Palestine and our people in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan, and Tunisia.

We ask Allah .. inspire our leaders with guidance and proper planning to confront the epidemic and the high price, and make all their concern.

We ask Allah .. accept our supplication and facilitate our paths and make it a year of dream and hope in which you close the books of the past and open the pages of optimism in the coming days and make us in them and all the years of those who are praising you and thankful for your grace

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