Dr. Idris meets Deputy Chairman of IUA’s Board of Trustees

Member of Transition Sovereignty Council(TSC ),Dr.Al-Hadi Idris met at his office yesterday the former TSC member and deputy chairman of International University of Africa(IUA), Dr Salma Abddel-Jabbar where she conveyed to him greetings and appreciation of the Chairman of the Board of the Trustees , Dr Abdel-Rahman Al-Zaid to government of Sudan for its continued support to IUA..
Dr. Salma presented to the TSC member full briefing about the arrangements being taken following election of the new presidency of the board of the trustees and administration of the university
The meeting affirmed the pioneering role of the IUA in education in Africa and necessity of preserving the role, identity and message of the university. .
Dr Idris directed the deputy chairman of the board of trustees of the IUA to closely follow up the university work during this period to enable university to restore confidences of the African communities, members of the board of trustees and donors to enable the university to carry out its pioneering educational role.
The TSC member affirmed support to the university and programs as well as to the board of trustees.
The Deputy Chairman of the IUA’s board of trustees pledged that the university would carry out its role through the board of trustees and administration of the University.

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