workshop on best practices in the production and circulation of Gum Arabic

The Gum for Adaptation Project at the University of Kordofan, Abbasiya Taqli, organized a training workshop on good practices in the production and circulation of Gum Arabic

Engineer Abdel-Baqi Adam Ali, the local gum project supervisor, said that the workshop comes within the general plan of the project, describing the workshop as important and important in training gum producers in the production, harvesting and storage processes in a good way.

Abdel-Baqi indicated that the workshop focused on training registered associations, taking into account collection processes in production.

Dr. Munir Seddik, a gum Arabic production specialist at the University of Kordofan, said that the visit to the state of South Kordofan came to train the associations and gum Arabic producers on good practices in the production, circulation and harvesting of gum Arabic on the modern techniques discussed in the workshop in the production of Gum
Arabic and its use in the collection, harvest and storage process. well and scientifically.
He said that the workshop is of benefit to more than (40) participants in the locality from theoretical and practical work through field visits, which resulted in active participation, in addition to providing scientific material and pronunciation tools.

Mounir expressed his thanks to the partners, the FAO, the University of Kordofan, the Integrated Agriculture Development Project and the Gum Arabic producers for providing many facilities for the workshop.

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