Sudan as President of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education (ANLAE)

Report by:Haffiya Elyas

The General Assembly of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education, which was held at the headquarters of the Misr El Kheir Foundation in Egypt, Sudan, was elected the head of the network

The opening session was addressed by the Vice President of the Network in the previous session, Mr. Nagi Mansour Al-Shafei, Ambassador of Education, Mr. Zahi Azar, President of the Arab Campaign for Education for All, and Ambassador of Education A. Refaat Al-Sabah, head of the Global Campaign for Education, and a. Elsi, Under-Secretary-General of the Arab House for Adult Education and Development, and Ambassador of Education, Mrs. Siham Negm, Honorary President of the Network, and Dr.
Saber Hassan, representative of the Misr El Kheir Association

The Education Ambassador, Dr. Iqbal Al Samalouti, Secretary General of the Network, predented a report during the previous session

The revised budget was presented and approved unanimously, and then the Executive Council was elected for the 2022-2026 session of the Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education

Where Mr. Nagi Mansour El-Shafei, Director General of the Sudanese Coalition for Education for All , was elected the Chairman of the Network representing Sudan, Mr. Khalid Hussein as Vice-President of the Read Algeria Association, Mr. Hatem Said Abul-Qaraya, General Rapporteur from Palestine, and Dr. Mithal Al-Ghazawi is a member of Iraq, and Ibtisam Zaidan is a member of the Palestinian Women’s Struggle Union, a member of Palestine. Walid Saad Association of Women and Society, a member of Egypt and a. Amna Mohsen Al-Abd, Yemeni Women’s Union, member of Yemen and a. Reem Rabah Jameed Islamic Maqasid member from Lebanon and d. Rahma Abu Mahfouz Dalili Center for Creativity on Jordan and d. Amna Al-Tijaniah Abdul Aziz, the International Organization for the Welfare of the Family and Child, Member from Sudan, Bahrain Women’s Union, Member from Bahrain, and UAE Women’s Union, Member for the UAE, and Ambassador, Prof. Dr. Iqbal Al Samalouti, Hawaa Al-Mustaqbal Association, Secretary General of Egypt, and Dr. Saber Hassan, Misr El Kheir Foundation, as Deputy Secretary-General and a. Rafik Nagy Francis, Coptic Evangelist, Treasurer, Egypt.

A number of committees were formed, including the Finance and Resource Development Committee, research and studies, external relations and companies, media and documentation, training, capacity-building and membership.

It is worth noting that The Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education (ANLAE) was established in 1999 in Egypt to support NGOs and public associations in the Arab region to enable them to play an active role in literacy and adult education issues.

The Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education (ANLAE),
enhancing the capabilities of members and encouraging them to plan their programs and strengthening the channels of communication, coordination and cooperation among them.
Encouraging members for Arab national cooperation in order to carry out joint projects, especially for Arab women, and to learn about contemporary global trends in literacy and adult education.

Establishing bridges of cooperation with international and regional adult education networks located in developing and developed countries.

Developing a culture of lifelong education and highlighting its meaning in the Arab organization, and its most prominent effects on the economic and social level through cooperation with the Arab Network and various media agencies.

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