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Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health announced today the launching round one of a nationwide vaccination campaign to urgently stop a new polio outbreak, under the slogan ” Reaching every child is our responsibility” with support from World Health organization( WHO ) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) . Round one will run from 18 March 2023 for four days,

In August 2022, Sudan successfully closed the 2020 poliovirus outbreak that affected 58 children in 15 out of 18 states. Backed by UNICEF and WHO, the Federal Ministry of Health successfully organized 2 nationwide vaccination campaigns targeting children under 5 years of age to contain the spread of poliovirus, reaching over 95% of the target population.

Community engagement and social mobilization efforts were stepped up to ensure information about the dangers of the disease and the need to immunize every eligible child reached every household.

The country also vaccinated children for the first time during a campaign in the Ullu area of Blue Nile and Jabal Marah, and improved surveillance for acute flaccid paralysis by expansion of environmental surveillance to 14 additional sites in 6 states.

Immunization saves lives. It protects children and their communities and protects future generations by eradicating diseases.

Sudan’s last reported polio case (a case of wild poliovirus) was in March 2009 and the country was declared polio-free in 2015 by WHO. However, it has been considered at high risk for importation of polioviruses for several years due to a decline in population immunity.

If one child is infected with polio, that means all the children of Sudan are at high risk of the disease as well.

The good way to protect our children is to vaccinate them against polio. So don’t delay your children’s safety , vaccinate them routinely and in campaigns.Small dose equals large protection.

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