Yasser al-Atta, the army will not allow the existence of militias out of control

A member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta, confirmed that the armed forces did not and will not allow the presence of militias outside their control .
He Pointed out that the armed forces will stand as an impregnable bulwark against internal and external security threats.
This came when he addressed Saturday the Dar Berry development rally in the Friendship Hall, explaining that the army leaders have no personal ambitions and do not comply with the axes internally and externally, and that the armed forces are proud of their constitutional, customary and moral duties to protect the homeland by land, sea and air.
Al-Atta said that any forces outside the armed forces must be merged into one army under the authority of the state to build a homeland that the people dream of, and that the capabilities of the armies belong to the people and not to others. Their leadership must be one subject to the constitution and the authority of the people.
Al-Atta called on the Sudanese and political parties to achieve the greatest degree of consensus in order to establish a transitional government capable of protecting the people and their history, and working to consolidate democracy, build a civil state, and establish a parliament that is not subject to polarization.

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