Hadi Idris chairs meeting for Removal of Distortions Committee and Opening of Dinar’s Palace

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Dr. Al-Hadi Idris Yahya chaired the meeting of the Distortion Removal Committee and the opening of Sultan Ali Dinar Palace, in the Republican Palace today, in the presence of members of the Higher Committee, the Technical Committee and all relevant committees.

The Acting Minister of Culture and Information, the committee’s General Supervisor, Dr. Graham Abdel Qader said in a press statement that the meeting reviewed the results of the visit to the city of El Fasher and the agreement reached with the government of North Darfur state to evacuate the sites that were occupied by the Ministry of Trade and Health, indicating that they were annexed and returned to the Sultan Ali Dinar Palace.

Graham indicated that the meeting decided determination of time period for maintenance and restoration, and receiving the sites from the implementing agencies on the 15th of October 2023, noting that the celebration of the final opening was decided on the 15th of November 2023.

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