Forests and Health

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Extensive research demonstrates that use of forests contributes to reducing stress and promoting more positive moods and feelings. In children, forests help to get healthy mental and social development.

International Day of Forests 2023 was celebrated on the theme, ‘Forests and Health,’ which calls for giving, not just taking, recognizing that healthy forests will bring healthy people.

Deforestation and degradation of forest cover is due to different causes including illegal cutting, misuse and mismanagement of cutting permits, agricultural expansion, and demand for fuel energy.

Besides fire, flooding and hurricane-force winds have intensified and have been responsible for forest degradation.

The authorities support the role of local communities for protecting trees and raising environmental awareness all over the states of the country.

The  Forests National  Corporation seeks to raise the area of forests to 90 million feddans, and works to fulfill its environmental commitments towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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