Extracts from Al-Burhan’s statements to Cairo News TV

RSF rebels rape women, occupy houses, loot properties and damage facilities.
The RSF betrayed the nation.
What the rebels did in the last days is shameful.
All the states are free from rebellion and their nationalists joined the Sudanese Armed Forces.
The militia are using the citizens as human shields, but they will be defeated.
The rebels are hiding inside the districts and the strategic facilities fearing the attacks of the army.
We Thank President Al-Sisi and Egyptian people for their receiving their brothers of Sudan who fled the war.
We welcome the initiatives to stop bloodshed.
The rebels should come out from the residential areas and evacuate themselves from the capital before talking about ceasefire.
We will not talks about any political process until we repulse the rebellion.
They looted the banks, embassies and public institutions including the international agencies.
The rebels are practicing all bad deeds and we will not ceasefire unless they are evacuated
We reject internationalizing the issue and we welcome the Arab/African initiatives.
We do not want to be dictated any conditions because we know the interests of our people.
The US sanctions might affect the rebels.
Mohamed and Abdul Rahim Daglo recruited mercenaries to serve their personal interests.

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