Post War

All over the history there is no endless war.
According to studies the post war era is considered one of the important times in all levels especially socially.
So it is important to scientifically think in the requirements of the post war era from this moment because it is the toughest times for all governments which will face the economical, political and social requirements.
The reconstruction of damages caused by the war requires the formation of specialized committees in all the concerned public institutions.
The main task of the proposed committees is to conduct primary survey in order to make it easy for adapting studies plans for the reconstruction issue.
We know that it will not be an easy task, but it is crucial to set new plans to cope with the present developments to enable people return to their normal life.
We should review the experiences of other countries with passed similar internal wars, besides our previous experiences in this regard.
It is important to from (Reconstruction Fund) to assist the social, political and economic committees in expediting the reconstruction.
In conclusion, there are great work in the post war era which must be prepared for properly from now.

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