Arabic Press Headlines Tuesday 16 May 2023

RSF Seize medicines amounting to SDG100 million.
RSF ban youth from entering into Khartoum State.
SAF: We dealt with logistics coming to RSF stationed in Sharq Al-Nil Hodpital.
Al-Burhan sacks Director of Police (Anan) .
RSF elements in Check-points loot passengers.
Jibril: Banking system in Sudan is not working due to war.
Jibril reveals attempts to cash the salaries of government workers within few days.
ICRC: Heath facilities in Sudan are collapsing.
Two foreign females raped in Al-Ahfad University.
RSF attack public facilities in North Kordofan and seize weapons.
Joint force to protect the properties and roads in Darfur.
100 killed in Al-Genaina incidents.
Report: Sudan is heading to constructive chaos.

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