General Command of the armed forces Wednesday, 17th May, 2023

Summary of today’s operations

The situation is stable around the entire country with the exception of parts of the capital due to criminal activities by the rebel militia. It continues to terrorise civilians by forcing them to evacuate their homes to use as bases and looting banks and shops as well as stealing civilians cars and motorcycles to use in their military operations.

Our forces have carried combing operations in parts of central Khartoum, in addition to launching strikes against the rebel militia in northern AlJaili and South Khartoum. 45 technicals were destroyed and a large number of the rebel troops killed.

The rebel militia today looted Abu Dhabi bank and Bank of Khartoum, Arabeen street in Omdurman.

We continue to monitor moves of the enemy inside and outside the capital, and our forces are ready to repel with force and steadfastness anY possible operation by the enemy.

The armed forces praise the position of the people on Um Alqura north and Aljaili for refusing to allow the militia into their homes, a positon that embodies the Sudanese identity. We also warn our dear citizens that the rebel militia has put on clothes of the armed forces and requested people to evacuate their homes with the aim of taking avantage of the homes and looting it, with instances happening today and yesterday in parts of northern Bahri.

The armed forces renews its calls to members of the rebel militia to not continue their futile losing adventure and take advantage of the general amnesty of the commander in chief of the army and to report to the nearest military unit or command around the country. We also assert the readiness of the armed forces to transport foreign mercenaries to their home countries if they surrender peacefully.

Office of the spokesperson of the armed forces

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