Comments on the short term ceasefire and humanitarian arrangements

The Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces have agreed to a short term cease-fire (seven days) starting from Monday to allow for humanitarian assistance to resume for millions of suffering civilians.
Saudi Arabia, Senior State Department officials said representatives of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces have signed s short term cease-fire to ease the passage of humanitarian assistance.
The said agreement is subject to renewal or updating for extra periods after informing the monitoring and coordinating committee 48 hours prior the renewal.
The goal is to come up with specific steps to guide to conduct of the two forces so that it will be possible to get in some humanitarian assistance, help begin restoration of essential services, arrange for withdrawal of security forces from hospitals and clinics, besides allowing civilians to perform respectful burial of the dead.
The next step, should this short term ceasefire succeed, is to begin actual negotiations over a genuine cease-fire monitored with international assistance.
It is high time for the two parties to provide all possible assistance to the monitoring and coordinating committee to allow it conduct its mission in an appropriate manner.
Let us hope that the two parties along with the facilitators and monitors manage to remove any obstacles facing the delivery of the humanitarian assistance effectively and swiftly.

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