The hero leader Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan, your speech in Al-Damazin was a saying of truth and the silence of falsehood

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate



*We have the right to give you your right, it is important to monitor the enemies and people of malignant chronic diseases. Didena is the approach of the master of the messengers, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, when he said (who does not thank the people does not thank God) and said (Whoever did a favor to you, reward him if you cannot, then pray for him, then pray to him until you think that you supported him) so you registered your name in the records of the greats of Sudan when your leadership of the army were in difficult circumstances and achieved victory when the rebellion and coup were on the homeland and achieved a victory written with your blood and effort until it was the great victory .. And as a matter of the events that occurred to us and unite all the degraded and the degraded and other people with disabilities with the rebellious enemy against the homeland. And their goal was the army and the harm of your happiness. As you are ugly and provoking lies around you.. And they forgot that you are a leader who arrived through the one-known military hierarchy. May God even tell you to be in the leadership of the army and the whole homeland as the head of the Sovereign Council. And here is the history record for you things that we prove to you that you are the face of the attack on the homeland represented in its army, if it were not for your wisdom and good management to erase the name of Sudan from existence. I was manated by a battle with honor that was against the homeland and the army and reached its highest stage from the people when they betrayed the army and wanted to solve it and do the people with him. And when they were unable to do so, they were mobilizing the rebellion and spreading a spirit in it that it represents the revolution and could be an alternative to the national army. And they failed to do so despite following a policy of malicious in the dress of the story of civil rule and democracy. Even treachery and open war against the homeland without exception. May God help you to repel the rebellion and thwart the supported coup externally, and your fight was yourself and with you your army, both carry his soul in his hands, some of them raised a martyr and others face the enemy from the first day until now they did not complain or put their weapons in meeting the enemy, and their blood was energy for the victory, which was and destroyed all enemies. All the states of Sudan were outside the rebellion protected by the army except the states of Darfur and Khartoum, and they are in the stages of complete decisiveness and the end of the rebellion. The speech of Damazin confirmed that there is no rebellion in Sudan. And that the next peace cannot be a pre-war peace. And that the army and its leadership are their finger in the eyes of every enemy or protade to Sudan. And I preached free and fair elections that the people choose who they want after the declaration of victory, and they were words that were accepted by all the people without reservation.

And to talk about the rest

Mohammed Al-Muslimi Al-Kabbashi, Chairman of the National Authority for the Support of the Armed Forces*

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