Reludeed, the army won over the rebellion, so do not draw to the flags of the traitor’s victory

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

The victory began from the first hour of the war when the coup was thwarted and the great shock of treachery was absorbed. The army’s numbers were not in the number of the rebellion, but one of them was equal to a company of the rebels. They were men of war and military administration. They didn’t ask for fear and support or help from their brothers. It was time and hour could not stand being late, even if the party bounced, even if it was a second time. The knights of the army were the men of epics in the highest degrees of sacrifice, so the martyrs of the army, starting from the presidential guard and the martyrs of the intelligence body, who were the first fighters, and all the army units that were in the command and more housed in the armed confrontation, so our righteous martyrs were flying in the paradise of the afterlife, may God have mercy on them, and there was another treacherous of the civilians who live in their homes, so among them were the martyrs, the family and the kidnapped, may God have mercy of the martyrs, may God heal the wounded, and may God grant the preservation and safety of the kidnapped in treachery. The army’s men are human beings from our families and they have nothing to do with us and answers, they have families and family. From the day of treachery until now, the months have not seen them and they wait in the holes fighting in the same way and with high morale. And they make sacrifices in everything from martyrs in themselves and their families. And they decided not to return to their family until after the announcement of the great victory. Does anyone who makes such sacrifices for us fail?? One of the duties of the duty is to pray for them for success, as their work is a good work. The battle of cities is one of the most difficult wars and differs from direct war. Here, the Sudanese army succeeded in excelling, and we saw the destruction of the enemy’s capabilities of military vehicles, military vehicles and other war equipment, which is clear to every follower. In the estimates of military experts, the epic of the Sudanese army was decided by victory and should be studied abroad in military schools and colleges. Citizens and those who are in a hurry to end the war should be patient and pray for those who offer themselves martyrs, a victim and a ransom for them. The rushers have to look at the families of the martyrs, the missing and the stationed now in the stomata and the passage of half a year while they are waiting for their sons, fathers and brothers while they are patient with it. Call on the war order for its people and its competence for the people of the army, as they want their duty in the highest level and your duty is to supplicate them by praying and raising their morale, not holding them accountable for assumptions only. A whisper in the permission of driving and to the island is less than it, please replace it now before tomorrow

And to talk about the rest

Mohammed Al-Muslimi Al-Kabbashi, Chairman of the National Authority for the Support of the Armed Forces

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