Leader Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan and his successful visits abroad and tendentious rumors

In the name of of Allah the most Merciful the most Compassionate

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The visit of the mother of the world was Egypt and the relationship of the brothers in reality and the truth. And a successful meeting with Sisi, Egypt’s strongman. And rumors to reduce the success of the visit and the success of the visit in things related to the citizen and the country. After that, Juba was visited, where the extended history, and the rumors preceded the announcement of success. All of them are tendentious and you want the leader to show the proof as if he has two faces. And rumors against the leader to weaken the people’s detour around him. And it was shown as if she was holding something that scares the proof from them until he became under their service. It was the visit to Qatar, where all rumors reduced the relations of brothers and common interests between the two brotherly countries. And Asmara was the present of Eritrea and the true connection. And my help and his novel about the safety of Sudan from the duties of the whole world. Like its predecessor, it was a sealed black rumor about a meeting. He was allegedly with the sweet rebel who was defeated by the army and displaced his army.. When he tried to open fronts In South Kordofan, earning from it, occupying cities and villages. The army was ready to defend the homeland with the same strength as it was before and increased it, so its defeat, the escape of its soldiers and breaking its thorns. The style of rumors is a cheap behavior used by enemies whose interests matched towards one goal, which is to weaken the Sudanese army by targeting its commander. Once rumored to the army’s bridle and not allowing it to intervene directly in the war and the truth of the matter, the army is fighting and making sacrifices at every moment since its establishment.. And when the rebellion was the army was the bond, panic and fighting to death as a ransom for this country. What do they say today in the visit to Turkey and the reception of Erdogan and the success of the visit for the privacy of the relationship between Turkey and Sudan and the common interests that bind them .. But the enemies of success and the owners of sick souls will be reduced to the visit to a rumor that serves their interests. And it will show names that disappeared from the Sudanese scene and perhaps the names of foreign people whose influence is reduced inside and outside their homelands. They may describe the visit as terrorism. The owners of the purposes and the grandfather of their information, their goal is the same to remove the relationship between the citizen and the army, each according to his orientation. Those who hate disbelt and rebellion show him that the leader is the proof with the rebellion and the rebellion is disobed and those who hate Islam and Muslims show him that the proof is one of the disciples of extremism. This is the style of rumors and its goal against the homeland.

And to talk about the rest

Mohammed Al-Muslimi Al-Kabbashi, Chairman of the National Authority for the Support of the Armed Forces

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