From Al-Genina ethnic cleansing to recruiting children soldiers :

RSF continues serious violations for International Human Rights Law

According to news articles, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) handed the ICRC 30 child soldiers who were recruited by the RSF militia to fight in side against the army. Those kids were forcefully assembled from the shantytowns surrounding Greater Khartoum.
The RSF militia took advantage from the dire need ithe families of those kids and paid them good money against acceptance of involving their sons in the fight against the army.
Hundreds of those child soldiers were killed in the recent clashes at the gates of the armored corps during the RSF militia last attacks on the Armored Corps
The National Council for Child Wefare (NCCW) affirmed in official statements that the RSF militia recruited thousand of children besides committing atrocities against others.
The NCCW addressed the Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, concerned governmental institutions and the Secretary General of the United Nations on the unacceptable conduct of the RSF militia against the children a matter that claimed the lives of 4850 children and the injury of 1150.
It is worth noting that the RSF militia started its forceful recruitment of children since the first days of the war in Sharq Alnil and South Omdurman to extend to reach Kordofan states.
The RSF militia violations and war crimes represented by recruitment of children are condemned by all the concerned international organizations,
It goes without saying that the recruitment of children is considered extremism, terrorism and war crimes that deserve harsh punishment from the ICC.
It is good that the Chieftain of Masaleet community managed to meet the ICC officials where he provided his testimony on the RSF militia atrocities in Al-Genina including the murder of the governor of West Darfur, Gen. Khamis Abakar and the cleansing systematic operations of the militia.
The crime of forcefully child recruitment should be dealt with as a high profile case, so that the international community recognizes the difference between the more than a century old Sudanese Army which abides to the international law and human rights policies and procedures and an outlaw militia which lacks the least morals of war.

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