From Public Towers Distruction
to Burning of Rare Documents and Historic Institutions

The Stance towards RSF militia must overstep the Condemnation Stage to Classify it as Terrorism Group

The Sudanese Documents House is considered the nation’s memory and history was totally destroyed after it is digitalized to cope with the international standards of similar institutions worldwide and the rehabilitation of its premises.
The Ministry of Justice with all its records as a credible institution in applying the judicial standards was also subject to mass destruction by the RSF thugs.
The CNPC Tower which stands as an evidence to the success of Sudanese people in exploring oil and laying the foundation of its main infrastructure including AlJaily Refinery, pipelines along with its being an architectural epic to reflect the smart partnership with friendly countries was also subject to shelling and distruction by the RSF savage militia.
The above are just samples that prove that terrorism is the backbone of the RSF rebels since the eruption of their absurd war against the Sudanese people.
The RSF militia terrorism had nothing to do with the Sudanese ethics or nationalism.
On the contrary their criminal inhumane actions reflect their savageness and the worst type of terrorism.
That being the case all those who pushed the RSF militia to enter into this absurd war are now pulling out fearing to be subject to international sanctions.
The dossier of the RSF militia crimes is tabled before the International Criminal Court and the tribal components recognized that the RSF thugs are not more than outlaws.
The last two days mass distruction actions of the RSF militia are their last attempts as greater Khartoum backed by the Sudanese Army is preparing to announce the capital city of Sudan Free from Rebellion after the victory which is around the corner.
It is high time for the international community on top of which the United Nations to classify the RSF militia as a terrorism group which has no room in the world of peace and human values.
Till then Sudan and its people will continue their march under the umbrella of social contract to meet their aspirations.

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