Foreign Ministry Reveals RSF Militia Ethnic Cleansing in Darfur

The Sudanese government announced yesterday, Friday, that more than 4 thousand civilians were killed by the RSF militia in West Darfur State.
Meanwhile, the UN warned against the increase of human rights breaches in Darfur following the fierce clashes between SAF and the RSF.
In its press statement, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry said that the RSF militia has escalated its ethnic cleansing practices in West Darfur, claiming the lives of more than 4 thousand civilians of Masaleet tribe.
The statement affirmed that most of the inhabitants of the capital city of West Darfur State were migrated forcefully from their area, accusing the RSF militia of adapting a strategy aiming at evacuating West Darfur State from its original inhabitants and replace them by its elements and fighters.

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