Al-Burhan, Al-Sisi Discuss the Developments in Sudan and the Bilateral Relations

Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Lt Gen Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan has met today in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia with President Al-Sisi of Egypt.
The meeting discussed boosting the bilateral relations in all aspects besides exchanging views on the issues of joint interest.
Al-Burhan briefed Al-Sisi on the developments in Sudan on the background of the RSF militia rebellion against the state and its atrocities against the civilians.
Al-Burhan pointed out to the considerable role of Egypt in preserving unity and stability in Sudan, besides receiving hundreds of thousands of Sudanese citizens who fled the war of Khartoum.

For his part, the Egyptian President affirmed his country’s support to achieve peace and stability in Sudan, hinting at the efforts of Egypt in solving the Sudanese crisis through hosting the conference of the countries neighboring Sudan which aimed at finding out the radical solution, hence bringing an end to the war.
Al-Sisi said that the relationship between Egypt and Sudan is exceptional, affirming the keenness of his country to achieve sustainable peace and stability in Sudan.

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