Darfur Diaspora Association in the United Kingdom

Important statement

The Darfur Diaspora Association in the United Kingdom wishes to express our sincere gratitude to The Cable News Network (CNN) for their unwavering commitment to covering the ongoing atrocities, including ethnic cleansing, slavery and burial people a live committed upon African tribes in Darfur. These grave atrocities, perpetrated by the Rapid Support Forces with support from the United Arab Emirates and others, demand immediate global attention and intervention to classify Rapid Support Forces as a terrorist organization.

We extend our deepest appreciation for the impactful reporting, notably the remarkable efforts of Nima Elbagir. Her dedication to authentically portraying the harsh reality faced by the people of Darfur has been instrumental in elevating awareness on this critical issue.

We commend CNN’s commitment to ethical journalism and recognize the significant role that both the network and Nima Elbagir personally play in amplifying the voices of those affected by these egregious acts.

The coverage provided by CNN has underscored the urgent need for the international community, including United Kingdom to acknowledge its responsibility and swiftly address these unfathomable atrocities.

Darfur Diaspora Association, United Kingdom

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