RSF and FCC Fall in the abysis

One of the dreams of the so-called Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) is that by using their Trojan Horse represented by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militi in murdering the Army’s Commander in Chief and the and the top brass officers and community leaders is that they can after that reshape Sudan according to their evil agendas.
The plot failed and the national army managed to absorb the chock, so the FFC-backed uncontrolled militia (RSF) practiced all types of atrosities on the people besides destroying all public facilities and Sudan’s heritage.
The RSF uncontrolled militia thought that they can make It and rule Sudan with iron fist with the help of the helpless FFC, but they were disappointed because they discover that their civilian sponsor (FFC) are just puppies touring the neighboring countries in a attempt to find any position in the upcoming political settlement after the apparent victory of the national army backed by citizens.
The RSF militia and the FFC saw by their own eyes the unprecedented popular mobilization of the Sudanese citizens to support the national army.
That being the case, the RSF uncontrolled militia started moving to their origin in Darfur taking with the what they looted from Khartoum after they were defeated in the battlefields.
The RSF militia forgot their recent ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur especially West Darfur. They thought that they will be welcomed their, but to their disappointment even the Juba Peace Agreement signatories from the armed struggle movements announced their support to the national army in its war of dignity.
The international community recognized the realities of the RSF backed by the FFC and their dangerous attemps in recruiting mercenaries a matter that will avail conducive environment for terrorism, crossing crimes, and human trafficking.
It is high time for the international community to follow its greive concern by practical actions by classifying the RSF militia and all its supporters as terorr organization.

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