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Round Table on Sudan’s Reconstruction and Compensations in Cairo

Cairo is to host next Saturday at Sudan House a round table over reconstruction and compensations issues in Sudan.
The event is organized by Sudanese/Egyptian Integration Center in collaboration with with Sudan’s embassy in Cairo under the auspices of the High Sovereignty Committee for Reconstruction and Compensations.
The round table will discuss four working papers on several axes.
The social and legal axis will be presented by Dr. Abdulmagid Yahya, while the economic and technical axis will be presented by Dr. Adil Abdulaziz. The environmental axis will be presented by Dr. Altigani Al-Sheikh Alasam and the external rations axis will be presented by Ambassador Khalid Musa.
The round table aims at coming out with recommendations and vision for a big scientific conference on Sudan’s post-war reconstruction and compensations.

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