Al-Mirghani Congratulates SAF on Victory over RSF Militia in Omdurman

Deputy Chairman of the Original Democratic Unionist Party, Gaafar Al-Mirghani has sent a congratulatory cable to the Head of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces on the occasion of successfully completing the first stage of crushing the RSF rebels in Omdurman.
Al+Mirghani considered that liberation Omdurman from the RSF militia as an important victory and overcoming a difficult stage for the Sudanese Armed Forces.
He reiteated his party’s stance in supporting the Sudanese Armed Forces since the start of the war and its condemning the RSF atrocities against the citizens.
Al-Mirghani affirmed their confidence in the Sudanese Armed Forces and its ability to defeat the insurgency in order to achieve peace and stability all over Sudan.

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