Foreign Ministry Affairs rejects interference of Western embassies in domestic affairs

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the interference of the embassies of Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States in Sudan’s domestic matters

the embassies had issued statements condemning the recent events following the a Supreme court ruling against the acting committee of the Bar Association.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that condemning any of the parties to the Sudanese crisis by any external party is completely unacceptable and cannot be accepted by the Sudanese official authorities in any case, noting that internal affairs are dealt with through laws and regulations by official executive bodies.

According to the statement, the Ministry attributed the main reason for fierce dispute among the parties is due to bias practice by the embassies of Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States to a certain group that has no basis or legal legitimacy and is trying to prevent the enforcement of legal procedures.

The ministry also noted that all those involved in diplomatic work in Sudan must adhere to neutrality and not interfere in any way in Sudanese judicial or legal decisions.

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